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So the comic will be done soon and stuff but i’m taking these classes in comic design and i will be working on it while in those classes so it turns out better.

History does not show who we are, just what we should be.
Navar Royal
History up untill Shadows arrival at the orphanage

Chronological Order
BQ: before queens

100 BQ. The elemental gods create nature and primitive life.

300 BQ. 3 races were formed of mortals; Divine (mortals gifted with flight and stunning speed.), Mage (mortals gifted with magic, great wisdom and intellect.), and Mortal (mortals without any special powers other than being intune with the land and possessing unusual strength).

400 BQ. Gods declare the world to belong to the 3 races and prepare to divide their powers evenly amongst the races in the form of artifacts.

500 BQ. Exo-death (sword) is forged in secret by the god of death.

546 BQ. The god of death betrays the gods and the 3 races, declaring that the world be purged of all life and reborn from the ashes.

546 BQ. The 3 races unite with the power of the elemental gods artifacts to stop the god of death and his sword Exo-death.

550 BQ. The elemental artifacts are entrusted to 3 hybrid mortals possessing qualities of all 3 races. 2 sisters and 1 stranger.

550 BQ. The battle of the god of death and the 3 companions ensues.

550 BQ. The god of death, on his last breath, tries to destroy the world with a giant blast of dark magic. The stranger sacrifices himself to save his freinds causing a counter spell that turns the blast and the god into a what is now know as the Great Tree. However the spell trapped the stranger within the tree forever, a price to pay in order to kill a god.

550. The sisters are declared the rulers of the land and bond with the elemental artifacts power granting them unnatural long life and power.

560. A forest appears around the Great Tree that is corrupted with dark magic infecting a nearby town of which the sisters had set their castle, causing them to move to a new city.

561. The mountain city of mages that the sisters move to is named the Royal City and the sisters begin to construct a grand castle.

564. The castle is finished.

565. The forest around the Great Tree is named the Dark Forest. Strange creatures start appearing within the forest making it a dangerous place.

566. Tensions arise between the 3 races causing them to keep to themselves and mistrust others.

567. The sisters discover tensions are being caused by a corrupted Mage named Chaos who somehow created a new magic only he could use that causes disorder.

568. Inorder to defeat Chaos and return balance to the world, the sisters each discover their strongest magic to use aginst him with the elemental artifacts.

568. Chaos is defeated and banished from the world.

569. The sisters begin reuniting the 3 races.

570. To keep them safe, the elemental artifacts are gifted to noble families who had gained the favor of the sisters.

571. Shadow is born into the Tenebre family.

572. The sisters unite the 3 races once again.

573. The great Divine city Goldenwing is built flying high amongst the clouds.

574. Mages of the city of Cliffedge declares independence and are ruled by The Nine (an order of powerful mages)

575. The sisters sign an agreement with The Nine that swears independence in exchange for not trying to conquer others.

576. The Tenebre family is destroyed.

577. A strange phenomenon occurs and every trace of the Tenebre family is erased and people forget everything about it except that it existed.

578. Legends of a mighty and fierce warrior start to surface.

579. A legend of a new race of mortals with the ability of shape shifting travels around the land.

510. Shadow shows up at the orphanage.

510. The story begins…

This is the first to a series about this characters journey  You can ask him questions every now and then to keep entertained when he has some free time.

This is the first to a series about this characters journey  You can ask him questions every now and then to keep entertained when he has some free time.